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Ellen Tully

Ellen Tully

Raymore, MO


I grew up in Central Kansas helping out on my grandfather's farm. I love the way the wheat waves in the wind on a summer day. I began my love affair with wildflowers as a young girl. I could wander for hours gathering wildflowers, meandering along streams and gathering currants for pie or jelly. When I became tired I would sit under or climb up into a big shade tree and let my mind wander and dream big dreams. I moved to Kansas City to join my aunt after high school. You know what they say, you can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl. So true. I am always drawn back to the farm and country in the art I see on here. I would live on a farm again today if I could be close enough to a city to visit now and then.

I was always interested in photography but I just never seemed to get the pictures right. I would come back from vacations with high hopes of having the film developed and find a masterpiece, a scene as I remembered it when I was visiting. No such luck. It wasn't until digital that I began to learn the art of photography. I did it by just taking picture after picture of the same place or thing, deleting and trying again. It was too costly with film but digital is wonderful in that regard. As I deleted less and less pictures, I knew I was getting somewhere. Along the way I associated myself with an on-line group of photographers who became friends. We supported each other and grew together doing something we loved to do. I am so thankful for those photography friends who have helped me become the photographer I am today.

Being an outdoors kind of person, I mostly shoot landscapes and nature. Every now and then I will do something wild and crazy in Photoshop and turn a photo into a painting or something even crazier, a bizarre digital abstract. I am always amazed when I get in one of those moods how fun it is to do something so out of character. If you go with the flow, your inner feelings just take you to the end result which can be really wacky or really beautiful.

I am mother of 2 beautiful daughters, grandmother of 6 (3 handsome boys and 3 lovely girls) and great-grandmother of 2 adorable girls.

Come join me on my adventure with photography and I hope you enjoy your visit. If you do, share with your friends and family. Thank you for visiting.

Ellen Tully


Beautiful White Flowers by Ellen Tully


Wildflowers by Ellen Tully


Busy Bee by Ellen Tully


Varicolored Echinacea by Ellen Tully


Goose on the Pond 2 by Ellen Tully


Goose on the Pond by Ellen Tully


Echinacea Flower by Ellen Tully


Echinacea with Visitor by Ellen Tully


White Hydrangea by Ellen Tully


Lego Duck Garden Display by Ellen Tully


Water Garden with Crane by Ellen Tully


Purple Water Lily by Ellen Tully


Pink Water Lily by Ellen Tully


Geese and Flowers by Ellen Tully


Butterfly on Pink Echinacea by Ellen Tully


Lego Eagle Display by Ellen Tully


Three Geese Swimming by Ellen Tully


Butterfly on White Flowers by Ellen Tully


Pretty Lavender by Ellen Tully


Peach Zinnia and Queen Anne's Lace by Ellen Tully


Pink Zinnia with Ferns by Ellen Tully


Pink and Cream by Ellen Tully


Cascading by Ellen Tully


Echinacea by Ellen Tully


Heavenly Purple by Ellen Tully


Dill by Ellen Tully


Pink Zinnia 2 by Ellen Tully


Pink Zinnia by Ellen Tully


Dancing Wildflowers by Ellen Tully


Butterfly Bush with Butterfly by Ellen Tully


Pink Zinnia by Ellen Tully


Magnolia by Ellen Tully


Garden Friends by Ellen Tully


Golden Lily by Ellen Tully


Autumn Reflecting by Ellen Tully


Autumn Blackberry Bush by Ellen Tully


Autumn Gathering by Ellen Tully


Sunlit Autumn Leaves by Ellen Tully


Autumn Cluster by Ellen Tully


Autumn Giants by Ellen Tully


Autumn Oak Twins by Ellen Tully


Autumn Oak Leaves by Ellen Tully


Burst of Autumn by Ellen Tully


Autumn Berries by Ellen Tully


Autumn Evening on Lake Remembrance by Ellen Tully


Lake Remembrance Autumn Trail by Ellen Tully


Lake Remembrance Golden Autumn by Ellen Tully


Late Afternoon on Lake Remembrance by Ellen Tully